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What's new in March 2022


Wednesday, Mar 23, 2022


15 mins plus Q&A

Each month, we make Zurel better by adding something new to it. In March 2022, we add a few new features to pretty much every one of our modules.

  • Foreman’s Portal: Enable the Foreman’s Portal for the leaders, perhaps the foremen, of your job site visitors. Have the foremen sign them in. It is easier for you and easier for them.

  • Assisted Sign-in: Have your site managers sign in the visitors who can’t use their own smartphones to sign in. Better yet, have their team lead sign them in.

  • Inbound Correction Requests. Receive and manage safety correction requests sent by other organizations you are connected with on Zurel. Make your safety collaboration with those trade partners seamless.

  • Connect on Zurel: Link up with your trade partners on Zurel. Collaborate easily with them on everything from safety inspections to safety toolbox training.

During this webinar, we will demonstrate each of those features.

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