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Toolbox Talks - Overview

Why Zurel?

Safety focused

We are singularly focused on proving solutions to help you keep your workplace and workforce safer. The software and content we provide are created with this focus to help improve the safety of your workforce. 


Safety is mostly about human behavior. Our mission is to help improve safety by providing innovative solutions that are guided by what we know from science about humans behavior.


We strongly believe that data can play a crucial role in helping improve safety. Our solutions are designed to give you full access to your data and include analytics solutions to help to get insights from the data.


Each of our solutions can be used standalone and is quite powerful even when used on its own. But they are well integrated with each other to multiply their strength when used together.


Ease-of-use is one of the most important aspects of any technology. It is even more so for the ones designed for the demanding needs of the construction industry. Our focus on human behavior gives us an extra edge in making our software very intuitive to use.

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