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Construction Worker
Time & Attendance

Allow your crew to report time and activities using easy-to-use mobile time cards. Track your labor cost, improve compliance and keep good records.

Two construction workers with iPad -Canv
Digital Smart Forms

Say goodbye to carbon copies, illegible writings, and misplaced forms. Use smart digital forms that are customized for you and are very easy to use.

Man Taking a Picture - Canva - Single Us
Field Documents

Empower your crew to create reports at their jobs sites using forms, pictures, video, audio or just simple notes. Upload documents for sharing with them in the field.

Crew Productivity - Solutions



Ease-of-use is one of the most important features of any software. It is even more so of the ones designed for the demanding construction environment your crews face every day. That’s what we believe in and let guide our innovations.



Your way of running your business is likely very unique and evolving. Shouldn’t your software be the same? We designed ours to be highly customizable so that it can be tailored for the uniqueness of your business, now and in the future.



What does “data-driven” mean for your bottom line? It means you can track and analyze virtually everything that our app does for you so that you can constantly learn from it help improve your bottom line. That’s something very powerful. 

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