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What can we learn about workplace honesty from behavioral science?

Oscar Wilde once said, “Morality, like art, means drawing a line somewhere.” Each one of us draws our own line of honesty that we do not want to cross. For a business, the financial impact of where its employees draw their lines can be significant. And, where we all draw our lines of honesty is constantly influenced by external factors. What are those factors and how can we use them to improve workplace honesty?  


DEC 11


A subcontractor with about 200 employees once claimed that his business loses about a quarter-million dollars a year due to dishonest reporting by his employees in their time cards. Although it may sound excessive, such losses are not inconceivable even for an average business with employees that are very honest. All it takes is slight inflation of the hours reported by each employee (an average of 5-minutes each day for the subcontractor).

Individually, each such small dishonesty has a minimal impact on a business. However, collectively, their impact on the finance and the culture of the business can be significant.  Some trust their employees to be honest, unaware that honesty is an attribute that is constantly changing.  Some take extreme measures that are often counterproductive.  Most remain somewhere in the middle.

At this event, we will present the latest on the behavioral science of honesty. We will talk about how, unbeknownst to us, unlikely culprits influence people's honesty and how small but subtle changes in business processes can improve honesty. While at it, we will marvel at human psychology, and we may have some fun doing our own experiment on behavioral psychology.

Date and Time

Wednesday, Dec 11, 2019

7:30 AM –9:00 AM


Level 10 Construction

12555 High Bluff Dr #250,

San Diego, CA 92130